Wolf Point Cabin

This remote northern Minnesota cabin is located close to the BWCA in a road-less area not far from our Homestead here at White Iron Lake.


In 1999 we bought this wilderness property. No roads. No electricity. No Traffic. No Telephones. Our idea was to have a remote place to escape to yet we can access from our Homestead either by water in the summer season or by ice in the winter season. This property is surrounded by an extensive marsh wildlife area and by Federal land. This assures us of great privacy. This has been a very rewarding experience for our family as we have done all of the construction process ourselves.

We will help transport your gear and supplies to the cabin and back

The Cabin is 24' x 20' with a loft room. Main floor has a bedroom, kitchen and living room. There is a porch off the living room. There are lots of windows which provides lots of natural light and great outdoor viewing. The inside of the cabin is knotty pine paneling and flooring. There is a woodstove for heating. Propane gas lights. Propane gas stove and refrigerator for cooking. We also have a separate sauna building for your bathing enjoyment.

For a real wilderness experience while staying in a very comfortable cabin check out this unique setting. You won't be disappointed