Spring-Summer has arrived

We had a very late ice out this year. Ice is usually out 3rd week in April.  This year ice out was mid May.Our lake level is nice and high now with the snow melt and the rain we have had here the past week.We have many ducks this time of year passing through and some staying on for the summer. We have our resident pair of loons back and they are searching for a nesting site. Last summer they nested right here in our bay. Beavers are out and about. We have a beaver hut right here in our bay. Last week Maggie watched a eagle sitting on top of the beaver hut eating on something. We can view this from our home just across the bay. We will be cabin spring cleaning and generally getting cabins ready for our summer visitors. Our summer season usually starts late May early June.Please contact us with any questions you may have or to make your reservation.Thank youGary and Maggie