Spring is coming

A cool May 1st with 35degree temps.  Looking out at our bay here on White Iron lake, there is still no open water. Actually there is no sign of open water just ice. Last year we had a very early ice out in March. This year is the opposite with ice probably not until 2nd week in May. With the long winter and the deep snow we have had, we have a late start on our firewood cutting. This weekend we will begin cutting down some of our older aspen trees which will provide wood for our 2 woodsheds. Between cutting, splitting and hauling we would like to be done by June 1st. We now have ducks and loons back looking for open water on some of our lakes. We also have Robins back. We have not seen any black bears yet and we usually do about this time of year. We do like to see them but not when they disturb our garbage cans here at the house. Just got up to look out the window and we still have deer coming in to feed. We have one deer, patches, who has been coming for 6 years now. She is very noticeable because of her white patches on her sides and legs. We have had as many as 18 deer here at one time this winter. Because of the late winter we have longer than normal. I think tomorrow will be our last feeding. Well that's all for now. We think winter is over although there is snow forecast for tomorrow.